Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. So it’s a good idea to prepare for it, let’s talk about Halloween pet safety. There are many things we as pet parents take for granted or just don’t think are hazards for our pets. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the health and well-being of our pets! Here are several Halloween Pet Safety Tips: 1. Keep the costumes for the kids. Most pets do not like being... read more

taking the dog outside for a walk

Most people think that when it’s time to walk fifi it’s a quick pee & poop and back inside. most people are so wrong when they think this way, it is so much more than that. Let’s wait a moment and think about this , a dog in the wild would be outside all day working, and sniffing, also tracking all kinds of scents, oh and hunting for food.  So basically what I am driving at is a dog... read more